4 Home Office Ideas To Help Productivity

4 Home Office Ideas To Help Productivity

Trying to work with complete focus can be quite difficult in the digital age. So many things grab our attention—whether it be social media or physical stimuli within our environment, there’s always something that will impede on our concentration. So, what can we do? Are we destined to lose concentration till the end of time? No! Absolutely not. We’ve got a few top tips to help you regain your focus and get on with what needs to be done. Sit back, relax, and enjoy.


First up, you need to decide on a space for your office. The ideal location is somewhere far away from the social locations within your home (such as the living room and kitchen), most people opt for an upstairs space as it is usually much more peaceful than the downstairs area. Fewer distractions equals higher concentration!

Wall dividers

If you’re unable to spare an entire room for your office, adding wall dividers are a great way to separate yourself from the outside world. While they may not be as effective as good old walls, wall dividers can add an elegant touch to a room while reducing many of the distractions that we face. Here at Harrogate Interiors, we have a wide variety of a wall dividers from you to choose from. This is a truly elegant solution as it features a stunning floral display, which is achieved through a special glass engraving technique that provides depth and three-dimensionality to the featured images. This is particularly appealing if your allocated working environment lacks a natural light source. If you have been keeping up with our previous posts then you will know that mirrors can act as a visual illusion and make a space look bigger than it is. The Porada Hilton Room Divider is a great option; it is available in solid Canaletta walnut.


As we just discussed, natural lighting is important for performance. If natural lighting is unavailable, then artificial is the next best thing. If you’re a fan of table lamps, then we recommend the Flos Tab Led Table Lamp. Why? Because not only does it come in two colours, but it also avoids the common problem of dazzle and shadows. The head of this table lamp was designed to avoid these problems. If you want to avoid dazzle but want something with a little more personality, then perhaps the Normann Copenhagen Acrobat Table Lamp is for you. This table lamp features a matte casing for the LED lighting. This feature helps create atmospheric lighting and it helps provide soft lighting to your workspace. Further, the Acrobat table lamp is available in four different finishes (Black, Aubergine, Sand, and Grey).

Minimalist design

To help maintain our focus and guide our thoughts, having a de-cluttered space to work in is more important than you might thinking. When your brain is in deep thought, having something to focus your attention on can help direct your attention in the right direction. If your office is filled complex furnishings, then your mind may focus too heavily on said furnishings. Therefore, applying a minimalist design to your office space is the way to go.

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