5 Great Hallway Storage Ideas

5 Great Hallway Storage Ideas

Hallways can quickly become cluttered and often, there’s limited space to leave your belongings when entering your home. We’re all guilty of clutter, whether it’s coats, shoes or bags, there really does need a place for these everyday items! In this post we are looking at 5 great storage ideas that free up clutter & make use of your space.

Mirror Storage


The Camper Mirror by Porada is a great way to hide clothing, bags & keys whilst also enhancing your hallway with a mirror. The Mirror is only 27cm in depth which is small enough for almost any hallway space. The door can be opened either by the left hand side or right, depending on how the mirror is assembled and fixed to the wall.

A Storage Unit For Everything

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This storage unit has all your storage needs sorted in one unit. This makes great use of small, compact hallways. The best thing about this 3 in one system is that it still only takes up as much room as your coats would.
You will need to shop for a suitable storage bench that would work within your space, but these can easily be found in a variety of different depths. If you have a very small space it would be advisable to buy a bench with a lid instead of having drawers, this way the storage is always accessible.
Your wall-mounted shelving unit doesn’t necessarily have to match your bench. If you can’t find anything similar, work in your bench cushions to match.

Make Use Of Your Staircasestorage ideas2

Having custom built drawers installed into your staircase is a fantastic way to make use of space you didn’t even know was there.
Having different drawers within your staircase is a great way to sort one drawer from another. Organising your shoes, bags & accessories has never been easier and stealthier!
How many of you will be calling your local joiner to come out immediately and measure up!?

Individual Wall Hooks/Dotsstorage ideas3

When we think of wall hooks, generally what springs to mind is a rack that fits a certain number of jackets on, depending on the size you buy. These can be very boring and often look very cluttered when we throw multiple jackets on each hook.
Having wall dots make a great feature in your hallway, also they allow you to spread out clothing & accessories along the full stretch of your wall. The best bit is you can add as many as you need. So, you don’t have to worry about buying that new jacket you were wanting but had nowhere to hang it!

Stacked Shelving

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Having stacked shelving is a great way to make use of your wall space without cluttering your floor with shoes. Depending on how many shoes you have in your household you can use the full floor to ceiling space to make sure every shoe has its own place!
With stacked shelving you can easily set the height of each shelf to cater for handbags, umbrellas, boxes & pretty much anything!

Have any other hallway storage ideas? Let us know in the comments!

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