8 Tricks to Make Your Master Bedroom Feel Bigger

8 Tricks to Make Your Master Bedroom Feel Bigger


Did your home once have the master bedroom you had always dreamed of? Was it an escape with plenty of room, an airy and welcoming space to rest after a long day of hard work? Perhaps that room has changed since you moved in; the once generous space has become visually smaller due to excessive furnishing. Or perhaps the master bedroom has always felt cramped and undeserving of the master title.

Fear not! We’re here to bring you 8 top tips to make your master bedroom feel like a truly magnificent space.

Mirrored wardrobes

One of the most effective (if not the most effective) ways to create a visually expansive space is to use mirrored wardrobes. The visually deceptive nature of mirrors works heavily in our favour when trying to make a space look bigger. Further, we’re able to make use of the pre-existing wardrobe space within the room. For the best results, opt for sliding doors to avoid the space-invading nature of hinged doors.

Not a fan of mirrored wardrobes? Perhaps consider a pale-coloured wardrobe. A similar effect can be achieved without the need to use actual mirrors. See Molteni’s Gliss Master Blade wardrobe to see this effect in action!

Perceived depth

Sometimes the walls containing the master bedroom can feel too imposing. While it may not be possible to knock these walls down, you can play with visual elements that inhabit them. For example, adding a wallpaper that has implied depth—such as a lifelike forest landscape—can really add breathing room to the space.

Not a wallpaper fan, that’s quite all WHITE!

If wallpaper doesn’t suit you then painting the walls white can really open the room up. Having white walls can provide a sense of open freshness to the room. Combining white walls with the white wardrobes that we discussed can really complement the effectiveness of the wardrobes.

If white isn’t to your liking, then you can of course opt for another colour palette. Just remember to keep the colour palette as minimal as possible. Cluttering the space with a wide array of colours can be a huge detriment to the visual openness of a room.

Floor-to-ceiling storage

Do you ever notice how much space goes unused towards the ceiling? Perhaps you have wardrobes that don’t go from the floor to ceiling, thus leaving a sizable gap between the top of the wardrobe and the ceiling. If we exploit the amount of space that is left over then we can declutter any excess that can be found within the room.  Check out Molteni’s Gliss Master Deep wardrobe.

Molteni Gliss Master Deep Wardrobe

Ceiling height

Just like the walls of the master bedroom, it probably isn’t possible to knock the ceiling down and move it further up. Not to worry, we can quite easily trick our eyes into visualising the ceiling as being higher than it is. To achieve this, opt for low-to-the-ground furniture, preferably that which shows the floor of the bedroom. Check out the Porada Ziggy Night table, the Porro Truck bedside table, and the Cattelan Italia Dorian bedside table.


This tip can be applied to every room in the house. Vertical stripes produce a huge visual effect on how we perceive the height of a room. Therefore, opting for visual elements, such as vertical panelled walls, make a room look far taller than it is. Combining this tip with floor-to-ceiling storage can make your bedroom look HUGE! Mirrors can complement this effect, check out Fiam’s The Wing mirror. This mirror can be mounted vertically and features bevels near the edges of the mirror, these bevels provide a level of depth and can help emphasise the size of the room that this mirror is placed in. It really does work wonders for what we’re trying to do!

Lighting in front of mirrors

Here’s a handy little tip for you: placing lights in front of mirrors will enhance the luminescent effect of them. Placing a table lamp on top of a nightstand, which is positioned next to a mirror, will make the room seem deeper. Not only will the light project itself outwards, but it will also throw light into the mirror, thus mirroring doubling the luminescence of the light. Check out the Contardi Kira table lamp.

Contardi Kira Table Lamp

Let there be light!

Don’t clutter the window space. Doing so will kill the amount of natural light that enters the room. One simple change that you can make is opting to use shutters instead of curtains. While they both block out light, only shutters can truly let in a maximum amount of natural light. When morning comes, shutters can be folded back. This is perfect as it doesn’t obstruct any part of the window. Further, curtains tend to stick out a little bit and eat up valuable space. The flat nature of shutters really minimises the space they take up and maximises the amount of light you can have. It’s a win-win situation!

Have your own tip to maximise space? Let us know in the comment section below!

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