Bedroom Decor Trends 2018

Bedroom Decor Trends 2018

The bedroom is a personal haven, an escape from our hectic lives and a place to recharge. However, we spend more time focusing on decorating the other rooms of our homes, such as the kitchen and living room. As 2018 is coming to a close, and as Christmas is quickly approaching, why not treat your bedroom to the makeover it so desperately needs?

Deep-colour palettes

Bolder colours are in, pastel colours are out. Imposing is the keyword here, we want to be bold with our colour palette. Such colours were originally popularised in the living room, shortly followed by the kitchen, and now the bedroom. Colours such as navy blue and violet are what we are should be looking at.
If, for whatever reason, you don’t like the idea of drenching your walls in such colours, then perhaps opt for deeply-coloured furnishings. The Bontempi Casa 15.34LL Cosmopolitan Sideboard, finished in either Emerald or Rust, suits this need perfectly. Or, for something that won’t engulf as much space, perhaps opt for the Cane-Line Box Wall in Aqua or the Porro Boxes 2 Drawers Night Table in Denim.


Imperfect? Perfect.

A huge trend this year has been mismatched furnishings. Whether it be sheets and pillowcases, or side tables and wallpaper, this trend has gained noticeable traction as the year has progressed.
Perhaps consider the Savoy Altea Bed, with its lush pink body, matched with the Eichholtz Christallo Pillows in Aqua blue and the Calligaris Geometry Sofa Blanket. There is a charming beauty in the mismatched décor design trend, one that we hope stays around for quite a while! The Calligaris blanket could also be matched with other tactile and geometric furnishings to enhance the mismatch effect. One of our personal preferences is to let go of the idea of keeping everything in pristine condition. For example, those bedsheets don’t need to be perfectly ironed! It’s little touches like this that make a big difference. Your bedroom will feel far more cosy and inviting (especially after a long day at work!)

Look after yourself!

The bedroom is designed to help us recharge—recharge and re-energise. It is a place of self-healing and it’s important that you make the most of out your bedroom to ensure you feel refreshed and ready to tackle the challenges that life throws at you.
While the world is becoming more technologically advanced, you should consider taking the tech out of the bedroom. Have you had your eye on a fancy digital clock, with thousands of features that will never get used? Well, if so, perhaps consider switching to something more traditional; something that gets the job done without a load of unnecessary features.

Woven furniture

Natural textures are playing a key role in interior decor for 2018. The room where rattan pieces are making new waves is in the bedroom. Thanks to their durable nature and lightweight design, rattan has evolved to become more than an old wicker rocking chair and has been translated into a multitude of furnishings for the home. Embracing this trend is sure to bring new life to your bedroom.

Soft lighting

Lighting. Lighting sets the mood. Lighting affects our sleep/wake cycle. Lighting is IMPORTANT! One of the most important features to look for in a bedroom light, regardless of the style, is having a dimmer switch. We need to be able to control the amount of light that we are taking in. Not only can this be useful for setting the mood of the room, but it also helps us get to sleep and wake up. For example, when getting in to bed on a night, we don’t want to have our lights illuminating the room at full capacity; this will impact our ability to sleep. For about an hour before bed we need to make sure that we are taking in a low amount of light, this helps communicate with our body; we are effectively telling it that we will be sleeping soon.
For you early risers, you know how hard it can be to wake up gently.


Trying to get ready for work, with a light blasting at full capacity, makes getting ready even more painful than it needs to be. By dimming the lights we are able to ease into the day. It’s simple features like this that help make a world of difference to our quality of life.
So what do we recommend for lighting? The Catellani & Smith Sorry Giotto 3 Standing Lamp is an incredible feat of design. It truly is a work of art and needs to be seen in the flesh to completely appreciate its beauty. The Foscarini Allegro + Allegro LED Ritmico Suspension is a nice alternative for those who are wanting to keep their lighting solutions on the ceiling.

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