How To Decorate Your Christmas Table

How To Decorate Your Christmas Table

Curating your very own decorated table for Christmas a truly magical experience, one that only comes around once a year. It is a chance to impress friends and family and can leave a lasting impression for many years to come. One of the best things about curating your own decorated table is that there is an endless amount of creative possibilities; you can be minimal, you can be extravagant, you can be traditional, you can be modern. Whatever you decide, make sure you read on to get a handful of helpful tips that will aid you in your creative journey.

Deciding on a theme

First, it is important to define the tone of the table. If you want your table to exude an elegant aura, then a silver and gold theme would work perfectly. Alternatively—if you are wanting to stay traditional—you may want to opt for the timeless red and green theme. Or, for those who want to try something new, why not go with your own colour scheme; you could define your own festive style! Whatever you decide to do, it is important to set yourself a clear target, so make sure you define a style before you go out and buy table décor. Once you’ve created a plan (whether it be an internal idea or something tangible), it’s time to go out and gather the bits and pieces for your table décor. However, try not to go overboard with the décor; it may be exciting, but you run the risk of cluttering your table with too many items, thus leaving your diners with little room to eat.

If you find that your table isn’t very accommodating for the number of guests that will be dining, perhaps consider shopping around for an extending dining table. Not only are they versatile—as they can adapt to their surroundings—but they can also stun your guests with their unique extending mechanisms! We really love the Bonaldo Prora Extending Dining Table; it features exquisite leg design and a sturdy extending mechanism.

Finding your table décor

If you decided to go for a traditional table design, you’ll be able to find many suitable items with relative ease. For example, pine cones have long been used to add a warm, earthly feel to the table. Napkins, mistletoe, etc. can all be found on the Highstreet. However, if you’re wanting to go for a more elegant table design, you’ll be able to find much of what you need on our website. The Migani Home Aluminium Champagne Bowl is a perfect addition to hold the table’s wine and helps save clutter; say good bye to wine bottles being scattered all over the table. Migani Home also offer up the Brass Aluminium Alloy Reindeer T-Light Holder. This fabulous candle holder will blend in perfectly at the table. Further, the lighting it provides will add a cosy feel (especially later in the day when it gets dark!) If you’re feeling really inspired, you can dig around online and look for some do-it-yourself décor ideas.

Laying the table

This is an important one: remember to set the table the night before Christmas Day. The worst thing you can do is leave it till the last minute. Have the table prepared and ready for your guests in advance and you will be able to avoid any last-minute stress. This is especially important as it gives you some time to make changes before you guests arrive. You may not like certain aspects of your table and so you can make a couple of adjustments if needs be. If you feel like something is missing from the table, consider adding a bunch of flowers! We recommend adding a bunch of white carnations; this festive flower has an elegant style and a gentle aroma that is sure to please your guests.

And that about wraps up this week’s blog post! Hopefully you feel well prepared to tackle the Christmas table this year (and the many years to follow!). For more top tips, make sure to check out our social media; we keep you in the know by informing you when a new post goes up! So, if you want to be the first to read, head on over to our Facebook page at

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