Grey bedroom ideas

Grey bedroom ideas

Grey colour schemes have seen an increase in popularity as of late; no longer is it a colour that evokes a sense of gloom and misery.  You may have noticed that shades of grey are taking over the high street and you may be wondering how you can incorporate these wonderful shades into your own home. Well, you are in luck! Today we’ll be looking at grey bedroom ideas in which we can incorporate a grey colour scheme within your bedroom.

The tonal shades of grey will entirely depend upon the bedroom style. If you’re working with a modern bedroom, then opt for the deeper and darker shades of grey that are available. For those that prefer a more traditional style, opt for the lighter shades of grey that incorporate subtle shades of other lighter colours (more on this in a second).

Create cosiness with warm greys

Warm greys blend beautifully with neutral colours that feature subtle tints. For example, blending the Senna Grey headboard of the Savoy Freya Bed with the Salmon Pink Calligaris Flag Cotton Blanket, evokes a sense of comfort and belonging. It can instantly transform a bedroom into a welcoming escape. Remember, you can apply the faint splash of colour to any of your bedroom décor, whether it be a pillow or a side table, so get creative and find out what works best for you!

Finding the right shade of grey: it’s not black and white

The sheer number of greys available at your disposal might feel a little daunting at first. There really isn’t any easy way to find the perfect colour for your room without trying out a handful of samples first. The more you try, the more likely you are to find a suitable shade for your room. Remember: more modern rooms benefit from the deeper shades of grey, while traditionally-styled rooms excel when paired with the lighter shades of grey. Knowing the style you are going for can really help you focus in on a handful of shades! You may benefit from decorating your walls with different shades of grey.

Don’t exclude bright colours!

Excluding bright, vibrant colours from a grey room should be a crime. Lime can add a fascinating difference to any room, including the bedroom. For example, the Kymo SG Polly Rug, in lime green (of course), is the perfect rug for a grey bedroom. It’s a simple rug—available in many different sizes—that takes up very little space. Of course, you don’t have to restrict the change in colour palette to the floor; experiment with vivid pillows and throws, perhaps even curtains.

If you’re not a fan of the lime then you may want to opt for something that evokes a more tranquil emotion, such as a pale blue tone. Subtle blue tones can help accentuate the greys within the room. With the subtler colours, you can be a little bit more liberal with them; for example, you can dedicate an entire wall to a pale blue tone to really bring out the grey tones within the room. Or, if you prefer to limit the invasion of colour, you can present the subtle tones in the same way as more vibrant tones. We are big fans of the Deknudt Scoopy Light Blue Mirror. Scoopy comes in a light blue and white colour, this creates an incredibly pleasing palette when mounted against a grey wall.

Add metallics

Silver tones, along with other metallic tones, complement the greys that imbue your bedroom. It’s a similar effect to the effect of using bright colours within the room, except it produces a much more intense effect.

Don’t forget lighting!

If your room is filled with the darker tones of grey, you’re going to need a lighting solution to make sure your bedroom isn’t drenched in darkness. Lighter greys do not suffer the same fate as their darker counterparts; unlike the lighter shades, dark greys tend to absorb a lot of the light (whether it be natural or artificial), therefore it is important to introduce an adequate amount of light!

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