Living Room Decor Tips For Small Living Rooms

Living Room Decor Tips For Small Living Rooms

Finding the perfect décor for a small living room can be quite tasking. Too few furnishings leave your room feeling sparse and uninspired, while having too many furnishings can make the space feel claustrophobic. So how do we fix this? Luckily, we have put together a handful of helpful living room decor tips to help define your living room.

Consider incorporating a rug

Adding a rug is a great way to define the living room and, no matter the size of the space, a rug can take up very little space. Rugs are especially useful in an open concept space, as there are no clear dividers to separate the room. Likewise, if your living room is small, you can add a lot of character with the simple addition of a rug. We are huge fans of the modular Lago Slide Rug. Made up of trapezoidal modules, the Slide rug allows you to find the perfect rug size for your space. You can add, or detract, segments whenever you like.

Further, the ability to manipulate the rug allows you to constantly style Slide to your heart’s content. An almost infinite number of combinations are presented, and the only constraint is your creativity! So, go and get creative with the Slide rug and add a little character to your living room.

Translucent décor

The use of translucent décor allows more light to enter the space. In contrast to other solid materials, the use of translucent furnishings creates the illusion of space. This tip can turn a claustrophobic space into an open oasis that is drowning in light. The Miniforms Curvo Coffee Table is a simple coffee table made from curved glass. This transparent piece is available in a multitude of sizes and is sure to cast away any and all shadows that your last coffee table produced.

If you’re not a fan of going entirely all-glass, then perhaps opt for something with a little modularity. While the Curvo coffee table is a beautiful glass coffee table, you may find that finding the perfect size is a little daunting. To remedy this, you may wish to look at the Frag Square 42 side table. This side table comes in a set of two, one large and one small, to create a stacking effect. This allows you to play with the positioning and style of the coffee table. This is a great alternative for anyone looking to avoid having their living room filled with glass décor.

Perhaps a coffee table would be an addition to an already dense room. If so, you may have a sideboard that could do with a little upgrade. Fear not, the Tonelli Liber M Sideboard is available entirely in glass and, like the Curvo coffee table, is sure to expel any unnecessary shadows that are a detriment to your living room.

Add colour!

While having an all-white living room may look clean and tidy, it can sometimes lack a personal touch and—in the worst-case scenario—comes across as a little clinical. This can easily be avoided by adding a splash of colour to your living room. Whether it be a painting on one of the walls, or the cushions on your sofa, any sprinkling of colour can make a world of difference to the homely feel of your living room.

The Eichholtz Christallo Pillow, which comes in sets of three and in a choice of colours, can add a regal touch to any sofa. Of course, Christallo will not be to everyone’s liking—it is designed with a clear target audience in mind—and so we stock many different styles of pillows. If you’re feeling extra bold, perhaps opt for an armchair in a funky colour. This can contrast nicely with an all-white room. We’ve become huge fans of the Tonon Spirit Capitonne Armchair. When outfitted in the emerald blue upholstery, this fabulous armchair can add a boundless amount of energy to any room.

Add patterns!

While patterns may not make your living room look bigger, they can create a more welcoming environment. Try and keep the patterns exclusive to room décor and leave your walls a solid colour for balance. So, what do we recommend? Well, we love Driade’s Ziqqurat Cabinet. Available in multiple sizes AND multiple patterns; Ziqqurat can be finished in a striped pattern or a fantastic floral pattern. For those looking to create a warm, homely feel, opt for the floral finish! Those who prefer a more modern look may want to opt for the striped pattern.

Wall storage

Reducing clutter within the living room can feel like an impossible task. However, with the implementation of wall storage, you can create a home for all the extraneous objects that can be found within the living room. By sacrificing one wall, and a little bit of the total room size, you can produce an elegant solution to help declutter the room. We highly recommend using the wall that is home to your TV; you can build the storage around the TV unit to create a nested effect. So, what do we recommend? The Tonelli Mondovisione Glass TV Wall Unit blends glass storage and a wall mount for your TV together to create an elegant storage solution.

That wraps up this week’s post on living room decor tips; you can keep up-to-date with the rest of our blog posts by following us on social media. We’ll let you know whenever a new post goes up!

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