How To Make Your Living Room Cosy in Winter

How To Make Your Living Room Cosy in Winter

No place in the house brings as much warmth and joy as the front room. It’s the one place the entire family can meet up to socialise or simply hang out. With winter in full swing, a comfortable family room should be one of your main priorities; there is no greater feeling than watching a cold day pass by from the comfort of your own living room. Considering that, here are our comfortable living room tips for winter!

Utilisation of space

When we consider comfort, we are reminded of little rooms that are loaded up with comfortable furnishings and delicate lighting. It is possible to make a big room, that may feel devoid of comfort, feel more homely with the simple addition of a couple of items. For example, you could add seating around a point of convergence, for example, a chimney or window to outwardly decrease the room’s size.

You could also consider adding tall furnishings to reduce the perceived size of the room. At Harrogate Interiors, we love an armchair with a tall backrest; there is something truly magnificent about the way in which it can impose itself upon the room. Take the Visionnaire Cheyney armchair with its grand back, it would add an instant aura of comfort to the room it inhabits. Bookshelves and racking units function perfectly for this as they consume up room and give the impression of a much smaller room. We’re huge fans of the Porada Ubiqua storage unit; it has plenty of space for multiple home furnishings and is sure to provide a comforting vibe to any living room. You could add all your most prized photographs of family members to further enhance the homely feel.

Another method to separate bigger rooms is by making pockets of space: a couch with footrests before the TV, a seat by the window or easy chair to relax in, a work area and seat for working, or a music stand and stool for playing an instrument. This right away includes character and customizes the space. Toss in some delicate material, such as like faux leather, for a feeling of extravagance and considerably more comfort.

Utilisation of lighting

Lighting has a major impact setting the tone of a room. Each viewpoint matters, from the bulbs and the shades to the arrangement: it all matters. Dimmed, low lighting will in general pass on more warmth than the intense rays emitted by ceiling lights. However, no matter what style of lighting you opt for, all lights will transmit warm, common sparkles. Indeed, even lights produced using cooler materials like cement or marble will heat up a room, especially those that featuring a dimmer switch to allow the user to control the intensity of the light. One of the most intriguing lighting solutions is Studio Italia’s Kelly Sphere standing lamp (available in multiple sizes). Kelly features a laser cut shell that provides a precious lighting effect AND features a dimmable switch to allow full control over the lighting produced.

Candles are another great alternative for making a room look comfortable. They radiate a delicate, glimmering light that loans a feeling of closeness to your living room. Place them on a mantelpiece, a side table or a sideboard. Many candles produce a gentle aroma allowing you produce a comforting effect by appealing to the sense of smell. Baobab candles are particularly renown for having this effect; the produce a multitude of different fragrances and are packaged within the most wonderful candle holders. Particular Baobab candles can work in tandem with lighting as some Baobab candles, such as the Baobab Electrum Kheops, features a metal holder. Metal holders are able to reflect the lighting within the room and further enhance the comforting effect produced by lighting.

Add layers to your room

It is no secret that layers produce warmth. Throws and rugs are a simple method to accomplish this. Rugs can also help make your room feel more cosy due to the tactile nature of them. Therefore, finding an incredibly soft rug with a funk pattern can really be a blessing when trying to make your room feel comfortable. At Harrogate Interiors, we stuck a wide array of rugs and are able to cater to a wide variety of rooms. We highly recommend the Eichholtz Diabolo rug in grey; the overlapping patterns that it features play with your perception of the room and help make it feel more homely and comforting.


With all that said, you should be able to go ahead and turn your living room into a cosy escape from the cold winter weather. So cuddle under a throw on your couch, or take a seat on a comfortable high-backed armchair, curl up with your favourite book in your rocker chair, and enjoy the winter months from the comfort of your own living room.

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