Dining Room Buying Guide

When you are choosing high quality furniture for your dining room, there are more things that may influence your choice than you may have realised. As well as the practicalities of how many people you will need to sit at the table, and how much space you have available in your dining room, there are also things such as what type of atmosphere you are attempting to create, and whether your dining room will be used for formal dining only, or it will be a social gathering place for the whole family on a daily basis to take into account.

A dining room is more than simply a room to eat meals in; it’s a place for entraining guests, for socialising with friends, and for the family to gather to celebrate special occasions. It’s one of the most important rooms in the home. To help you create the perfect dining room in your home, and to give you some dining room ideas, here’s our guide to selecting designer dining room furniture.

Choosing the size of dining table
The size of dining table that you choose will depend on the number of people that will be seated at the table and, of course, the space that you have available in your dining room.

In order that people can sit comfortably side by side at the table, you will need to allow approximately 60cm for each place setting on a square table, and about 75cm, if you are choosing a round table. If you have decided to have chairs with arms on, which are called carvers, you will need to add another 10cm, for each place setting, to those measurements.

To decide if a dining table is the right size for a room and to make sure that guests have enough space at the table, allow for at least 90cm between the edges of the table the wall. Remember that the height of tables varies as well, so make sure that the chairs you buy are the right height for your table.

Choosing the style of dining room furniture

Cattelan Italia Obelisco Dining TableDining room furniture comes in a vast range of styles and materials. If you are aiming to create a classic look, then dark wood furniture, like the Giorgio Luna Oval Dining Table, with its beautiful Ebony Makassar inlay top, would create the air of sophistication that you are looking for. 

For a contemporary feel, there is a vast range of stunning and exciting looking pieces, like the Cattelan Italia Obelisco Table, that make use of materials such as glass, marble, and metal.

Where space is limited, reflective materials and bright colours will help to make a room look more spacious and you will also find that a round table will seat more people, but it will take up less space than a square table will.

When you choose your dining room chairs, they don’t have to match the table, but they should complement it. The basic two types of design for chairs are the carver, which has arms, and the standard chair, which has no arms. There are many variations on that theme, though, and there are chairs available in many styles from a basic kitchen style chair, like this Calligaris dining chair, through to traditional, leather upholstered, dining chairs like the Royal Winchester Dining Chair by Eichholtz.

Coordinating your dining room furniture
There is more to choosing the furniture for your dining room than just the table and chairs. You may want to consider a sideboard, a dresser, or a display cabinet as well. Again, pieces don’t need to match exactly, or come from the same range; you can coordinate them by choosing similar styles, or the same materials. One thing to consider when you are thinking about additional pieces of dining room furniture is that coordinated furniture will make a smaller room look sleeker. Another thing to remember is that you will need to take all the pieces of furniture into consideration when you are measuring your room for the dining table and chairs.

Dining room furniture – the things to consider
There are a lot of things to consider when you are designing your dining area and there are many different styles of furniture to choose from. To help you get your ideas for the perfect dining suite of furniture, here are some of the things that you should consider:

• What kind of atmosphere do you want to create?
• Will the room be for formal dinning only, or a family eating area?
• How frequently will the room be used?
• How many diners need to be accommodated on a regular basis?
• Will you need and extendable dining table to accommodate extra guests on special occasions?

We hope that you have this dining room buying guide useful and that it has given you some dining room inspiration. We stock a huge range of high quality designer furniture, in many different styles, that we are sure will give you some ideas for your perfect dining room. Please feel free to browse through our extensive collection of designer dining chairs, dining and kitchen tables, and sideboards and cabinets. If you would like any help or advice designing your dining room, you are welcome to visit our showrooms in Harrogate, or you can contact us by telephone on +44(0)1423 701701 and we will be happy to help you.