The story of the hand crafted Baobab candles started in 2002 in Tanzania, a country known for its creativity and delightful perfumes. Each candle produced by Baobab tells its own story, each inspired by wonders of the world. With the African heritage being represented in the All Seasons range and the popular Pearls range showing off the delights and beauty of gemstones from the Pacific Islands. Each Baobab candle comes with its own guidebook and story on how it came about. The luxury candles that Baobab have to offer are unique in their own way, each in individual glass vases which make a great addition to anywhere around the home. The attention to detail in the manufacturing process is what makes each candle the highest quality in the industry, and therefore is an important brand in the world of interior design. The quality and supreme look in every candle has meant Baobab is now seen worldwide and for many years to come, Baobab candles & diffusers will fragrance the most beautiful rooms around the world.