Home Accessory Buying Guide

Home accessories add the final little touches to a room that give a living space its personality and make it feel more like a home. From artwork for the walls to cushions for the furniture, there are so many types of accessories for the home to choose from, it could take you quite some time to decide on which accessories will suit your home and your personal style. To help you accessorise your home to perfection, here are some home accessory ideas and a brief guide to making your home accessory selection.


When choosing any accessory for the home, the main things to bear in mind are style, size and positioning. Style, of course, is a matter of personal taste, but you might want to think about how your choice accessories will complement the theme of a room rather than clash with it. When thinking about the size of a decorative piece, vase, or ornament, consider if the piece will be large enough to make an impact, but not so large that it will look out of place in the room. We also suggest that you consider where each piece will initially be placed in a room and how it will complement existing pieces. The nice thing about accessories is that you can easily move them around and give a room a fresh look, but a bit of planning when you first buy your home accessories will help you select from the vast range of accessories that are available. Here are just some of the types of home accessories that you may want to consider for your home.



Whether they are used for waking us up in the morning, or for reminding us that it is time to go to bed, there is a place for a clock in just about every room in the home. Clocks are far more than simply a practical necessity, they also add character to a room and even a small clock can make a big difference. A clock can make a statement, like this wonderful Cattelan Italia Forever Mirror/Clock, or they can be small and dainty like the beautiful Lalique Soleil Clock. Wall clocks, alarm clocks, mantel clocks, there are clocks for every style of room and every taste.


Art and prints

Choosing art and prints to decorate the wall of your home is a very personal thing. You can use prints to reflect your own interests and to set the mood of a room. As well as personal taste, consider the size and the colour of the pieces you select. For example, you might select a print that is predominantly pink, like this Eichholtz Trett Print, to match the pink in a sofa. When it comes to size; tall, thin pieces of art work well in rooms with high ceilings or on narrow wall spaces. Wide, landscaped prints work well above wide pieces of furniture. If you have a relatively small wall space to fill, a group of coordinated small prints will look very effective.



Sculptures are another great way to personalise a room and add interest to it. When choosing a sculpture, think about the size of the piece. A common mistake that people make is they buy sculptures that are too small for the room. Also, think about how the style of the sculpture will fit in with the rest of the furnishings in the room and with the decor. A sculpture with a polished aluminium finish, such as the Eichholtz Thai Man & Lady Statues, for example, might fit in well with a contemporary themed room. A statute finished in bronze, such as the Eichholtz Elephant Bronze Statue, would work well in a more traditional styled room.



With or without flowers, a vase will add elegance and style to a room. Vases can be a permanent decorative feature of a room, like this beautiful Eichholtz Armand Vase, or they can be simpler in design like this crystal Lalique Amour Vase, which would be perfect for displaying a small bouquet of fresh flowers.


Candles and candle holders

Candles provide such a warm and welcoming feel to a room and some can fill a room with beautiful scents too. You can use candles and candle holders to add height to a piece of furniture as well as using them as centrepieces for tables and mantel pieces. For a warm and cosy feel, you could choose something like this cut glass Eichholtz Menardi Sapphire Hurricane Lamp, or for  a more formal feel there are the traditional styled candle holders like the Eichholtz Farandol Candle Holder.



For such a simple accessory, cushions can make a surprisingly big difference to a room. If you were to opt for a range of scatter cushions, for example, you it would create a relaxed and informal feel. On the other hand, if you were to choose matching cushions with a classic design, like the Eichholtz Baroness Pillow, it would add more of a formal feel to a room. Whatever your preference in style is, cushions are a wonderful way to add a burst of colour to sofas and chairs as well as to provide a bit of extra comfort.


These are just some of the home accessories that you could choose to decorate your home with. Thera are also magazine racks, bowls, coat stands, shelves and wine holders to choose from as well. Feel free to browse through our full range of beautiful home accessories here or, if you would like any further advice on buying accessories for the home, please do not hesitate to contact us on the telephone or by email or, If you prefer, you are welcome to visit our extensive showrooms in Harrogate.