Home Office Buying Guide

Designing your ideal home office or study can be quite hard to do because it needs to be functional, but it is still a room in your home, so you don’t want it to feel too cold and soulless and look too much out of place with the other rooms. Fortunately, home office and study furniture have come a long way and there is now a good selection of high quality, designer furniture options for you to choose from. The three main things to consider when selecting office furniture for use in the home are style, functionality, and the space that you have available. To help you design your perfect home office or study, and to give you some office ideas, here’s our brief guide to selecting home office furniture.

The style of furniture that you choose for your home office will, of course, depend entirely on your own taste, but there are plenty of different styles for you to choose from. For the traditional, executive style office, for example, you might like to consider a beautifully finished, solid oak desk and a luxurious, leather upholstered swivel chair from the Eichholtz range. If you would prefer something a bit more contemporary, then one of the all glass desks from Gallotti & Radice paired with a more up to date looking swivel chair like the Cattelan Italia Vita Adjustable Swivel Chair might be more to your liking. 

Your choice of furniture will also be influenced by the type of work you are expecting to be doing in your office. Things to consider are things like, will you have a computer on your desk, will you need a lot of space place to spread out plans and drawings or are you looking for something a little more compact. You will also need to think about how much storage space for files and books will you need.

A home office could be spacious separate room, or it could be a small corner in your living area. Measure out your work space before you order any furniture and consider how your choice of style new office furniture will fit in with existing furniture and décor. Don’t forget that, when you are considering the available space, you will need to allow for enough room to sit comfortably in your chair and move back and forth in it easily.

Choosing your desk
Your desk will be the central point of your home office and where you spend most of your time, so we do recommend that you spend some time choosing the right desk for you, and thinking about where you will place the desk in your office.

As well as style and the space that you have available, make sure that the desk is the right height for you to comfortably sit at. Think too about the drawers that you might need. If you need to have things to hand, you might need a desk with drawers like the Giorgio Luna Presidential Desk, otherwise, you could choose a desk without any drawers, like the Cattelan Italia Qwerty Desk.

Another big consideration in the modern home office is whether or not you will be using a computer. If you will be having a computer on your desk, think about where the cables will go, where you will sit the computer on your desk, and where the base or the tower component of the computer will be situated.

Choosing your office chair
There is a huge range of different styles of chairs to choose from. There are stylish, modern swivel chairs, like the Giorgio Paradiso Presidential Desk Chair, which has castors, and there are chairs without castors, like the Cattelan Italia Vita High-Back Swivel Office Chair. A chair with castors will make it much easier to move around your office, perhaps to reach for a file or a book.

One other very important consideration when buying an office chair is that, if you are going to be spending long periods of time working on a computer, you may need a high-backed chair, with good lumbar support.

You don’t have to order your chair from the same range of office furniture as your desk, but it is advisable to check that your chosen chair will fit easily under your desk so that you can work in comfort.

Storage options
You have a huge range of storage options to choose from and your choice will depend on how much storage space you will need and whether or not you have things that you would like to display. If you want to display things like reference books, awards, or certificates, then you might like open bookshelves, like the Fiam Rialto Shelf System, or if you want to hide away less attractive items, such as files, in a cabinet with doors, then you may prefer something like the Gallotti & Radice Box Filing Cabinet.

There is also a range of more contemporary office storage solutions such as the Fiam Magique Totem Display Cabinet and the Magis Boogie Woogie Shelves, which take storage pieces from being purely functional items of furniture, to being something of a centrepiece of the home office.

Choosing furniture for an office at home is a very personal thing, but we hope we have given you some office ideas. We stock a large range of the highest quality designer home office furniture, including home office desks, office chairs and office storage furniture. If you are looking for some office inspiration, please feel free to peruse our collection for ideas or, if you would like any help, then please don’t hesitate to telephone us or visit our showrooms in Harrogate.