Living Room Buying Guide

A living room is one of the hardest rooms to choose furniture for, simply because there are so many possibilities. As well as the sofa, armchairs and designer coffee tables, you also have bookcases, side tables, chaise lounges, and TV stands to consider. Whether you are looking to buy a one-off piece of living room furniture, or you are designing your living area from scratch, here are some of the things that you will need to think about when you are buying furniture for a living room.

The purpose of the room
When designing a living room, the first thing to consider is what the primary use of the room will be. If you have a single living room in your home, then it may need to accommodate watching TV, reading, playing music, and entertaining guests, and all of these various activities will influence your choice of furniture. Alternatively, if have more than one living space, you might like to make one room, a family room, and another room, a quiet room, and choose the furnishings accordingly.

Measuring up your living roomModern Living Room
Because you have so many different pieces of furniture that you might like to place in a lounge, planning the layout is even more important than it is other rooms in the home. The best way to plan your ideal reception room is to measure the room and then draw a plan, to scale, on a piece of graph paper. You can then create paper templates of the various pieces of furniture you are considering and use those to help you decide where to position the pieces in the room. It can also be useful to place pieces of newspaper the same size as your proposed furniture on the floor of the room to visualise how things will fit together.

Choosing your style
Combining comfort and style is all a part of the fun of designing a living area and a living room is a room that you can use to reflect your own personality. It’s also a room where you don’t necessarily need to have a uniform look, so you can choose pieces of furniture from different ranges. Designer living room furniture comes in all shapes, sizes, and styles. You could be looking for the sleek, simple lines of a contemporary living space, the palatial feel of a country residence, or a light, airy and relaxed mood that lighter fabrics and woods create, and that design theme will influence your choice of furniture.

Choosing the individual pieces of furniture for your lounge
When you are selecting your living room furniture, we suggest that start first with the basics of sofas, armchairs, and tables and then look at the extras, such as ottomans, bookcases and side tables. Here are just some of the items of designer furniture for a lounge that you could choose and a few things that you might like to think about in respect of each one.

A sofa is one of the largest items in the typical living room, so it sets the theme of the room. For a relaxed, casual look to your room, you might choose something along the lines of the Furninova Apollon Sofa with deep, soft cushions, and large arms. If you wanted to create a more classical feel to your room, you might prefer something like the Furninova Churchill Sofa. Some of the practical considerations to bear in mind are; durability and ease of cleaning, especially if you have children, and ease of use, if you have elderly members of the family.

Arketipo Fly ChairArmchairs
Armchairs can take up a lot of space in a room, so do bear that in mind when you are deciding on how many armchairs you would like and what style they will be. In terms of style, armchairs don’t necessarily need to match the sofas, and they are available in all kinds of different materials and designs. There are reclining armchairs for relaxing in, brightly coloured armchairs, like the Furninova Leeds Armchair, and there are some wonderful contemporary designs like the Arketipo Fly Chair or the Arketipo LOL :) Chair.

Bookcases and shelves
Bookcases, display cabinets, and shelves are the perfect way to add interest to a large room and, of course, to display your collection of books, ornaments, and your treasured photographs. For living room furniture ideas, take a look at our extensive range of bookcases that include the more traditional styles, like Giorgio Monte Carlo Bookcase as well as some exciting modern designs like the Cattelan Italia Swing Bookcase and the Driade Mosaique Bookcase.

Coffee tables
Coffee tables are often taken for granted, but they are an important and practical part of a good living room design. They are often the central feature of one too. Used for drinks, playing a game of chess, or for showing a central floral display, designer coffee tables are available with wood, glass, and marble they come in an amazing array of different shapes and sizes.

These are just a few of the main pieces that you may want to include in your living room design. We can also supply a wide range of other Italian designer living room furniture, including elegant chaise longue, reading chairs, and TV stands. With so many choices, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, so please do feel free to call us on the telephone, or visit our showrooms in Harrogate, and we will be happy to help you with ideas for your perfect living room.