Mirror Buying Guide

When you are choosing furniture for any room in the home, mirrors are probably one of the last items of furniture that you look at. You should not underestimate, though, how much of a difference a well-placed mirror can make to a room. As well as their obvious practical use, mirrors can be placed strategically to make a room look larger or brighter and they can also be a dramatic focal point in a room. Whether you are looking for a wall mirror, a full length floor mirror, or a table mirror, the different styles, shapes and sizes of mirrors are almost endless. To help you find the mirror that will provide you with the perfect finishing touch to your room design, here is a brief guide to buying mirrors for the home.


Choosing the size of the mirror

The first thing to consider when choosing any type of mirror is the size. Mirrors are very eye-catching, so they don’t necessarily have to be very large to be a focal point of a room. If you want to create an impact with a mirror, then a large mirror, measuring approximately 30 x 30 inches might be appropriate. If the mirror is to create an accent only, perhaps on a small wall, then a mirror measuring approximately 10 x 10 inches would suffice. Of course, the size of the mirror that will create the effect you are looking to achieve will also depend on the size of the wall on which you intend to hang it and how much of that wall you want the mirror to fill.


Choosing the type

In the main, we shall be concentrating on how to choose wall mirrors in this guide, but there are other types of mirror that you may wish to consider as well.  Mirrors can be used to good effect in any room in the house both for their practical use and for decorative purposes. As well as wall mirrors, there are floor mirrors like this full length Eichholtz Capri Dressing Mirror, or smaller mirrors on stands like the Eichholtz Mirror Oval Floor Mirror, and there are table mirrors too, like the  Eichholtz Oval Table Mirror.



Choosing the style

As with any piece of furniture, you will need to give some thought as to how well a mirror will fit in with the decor and the other pieces of furniture in the room. For a room with a modern feel to it, a mirror with a contemporary design, like the Calligaris Bubbles Mirror might be a good choice. For a room that has a more classic feel, a mirror with a traditional frame, like the Deknudt Mini Gold Mirror might compliment the room nicely.


As you might expect, designer mirrors come in all shapes and sizes. Some are relatively simple and are ideal for practical use, while others are elaborate in design and provide a decorative feature in a room.


Choosing the shape

While squares and rectangles may have been the traditional shape for mirrors, if you want to make more of an impact, we suggest you take a look at some of the amazing different shapes of mirrors that are available.


For a simple, but striking feature on a wall, a round mirror, or oval mirror will work well. There are also some highly original, stunning designs available, like the Bonaldo Azero Wall Mirror or the Bonaldo Orazio Wall Mirror. If you were looking for something a little bit different for a bedroom, you might like the full length, his and hers, mirrors of the wonderful Deknudt Adam Mirror.


The huge range of shapes and styles of mirrors that is available means that you can stamp your own character onto any room. If you are looking for some mirror inspiration, take a look at our full range of mirrors and that will give you a better idea of the huge range of styles and shapes that are available.


Choosing the frame

The materials that are used in the frames of mirrors can vary incredibly too, if they have a frame at all. When looking at a frame, you will need to consider how the frame will coordinate or contrast with the room’s décor. A simple wooden, black, or white frame will work on virtually any wall, whereas a gilded, more decorative frame might look out of place against the backdrop of a more minimalist style of room. On the other hand, a mirror is one item of furniture that can look amazing when it does contrast with the décor and the rest of the furniture in the room.


A mirror is something that is far more than a practical accessory for a room. It can be a feature of a room, a statement, and piece of decorative art as well. Your choice of mirror will, of course, be influenced by your personal taste and the overall look and feel of a room, but we do urge you to take a look at some of the wonderfully unique designs in our range as well as the traditional ones. We hope that you have found this guide to buying mirrors useful. If we can be of any further assistance, please feel free to contact us by telephone or by email, or you are welcome to visit us at our showrooms in Harrogate.