Outdoor Furniture Buying Guide

Whether you are planning to hold an outdoor party, dine al fresco, or just create a quiet space to sit and soak up the sun, modern outdoor furniture means that you can take some of the comforts of home outside into your garden. Garden benches, tables and chairs, hammocks, swings, pots and planters; these are just a few of the outdoor furniture items that you could use in the design of your open air haven. Modern, stylish, outdoor furniture allows you to turn an outdoor space into another living area, and the choices you have in outdoor furnishings are now nearly as many as those you have in indoor furniture. To help you create your perfect outdoor space, here’s a buyer’s guide to outdoor furniture.

Planning your garden areagarden area
Placing a bench by a pond is a relatively simple task, but if you are designing an outdoor area for entertaining, eating, or sitting with the family and friends, it will need the same kind of planning you would put into designing the layout of a room.

You will need to consider how much space you have available, and where the seating area will be located in your garden. Consider the direction from which the sun will come, and if there are any trees nearby that might cast shade, shed leaves, or attract too many insects. If you are planning a patio area that has decking, make sure that decking is strong enough to withstand the weight of the furniture that you choose.

Another consideration with outdoor furniture is winter storage. It is recommended that even the most durable pieces of outdoor furniture should be stored away during the winter months. If you don’t have much storage space available, you might want to consider collapsible garden furniture.

Selecting your outdoor furniture items
Before you make your selection of furniture from the wide range that is available, consider what activities you will be doing in your outdoor space. If you plan to eat outdoors regularly, you will need an outdoor dining table and a sufficient number of chairs to seat everybody. If it’s your early morning coffee in the garden you are looking forward to, then a comfortable outdoor armchair, like the Barlow Tyrie Mission Reclining Armchair and a low outdoor coffee table might be your preferred choice. Just as you would with a room indoors, you might find it useful to draw a scale drawing of your outdoor seating area and plan where your outdoor furniture pieces will sit.

We can supply a vast range of different outdoor furniture items, which are all made from the finest, durable, materials and sourced from the very best of furniture designers. You can find our full range of designer outdoor furniture and equipment here, but, to give you some inspiration for your outdoor space, here are some of the most popular items from our outdoor furniture range.

Outdoor dining tables
For many people, the idyllic summer’s day would be one spent dining on fine food and drinking good wine in the company of friends and family and, for that, you will need an outdoor dining table and chairs. Outdoor dining furniture comes in a variety of different materials. Tables can made of hard wearing teak, like this example from Barlow Tyrie, they can have metal legs and laminate tops like the Equinox Dining Table, or they can be made of resin wicker, like this circular outdoor dining table, also from Barlow Tyrie.

Outdoor dining chairs
Like the tables, outdoor chairs come in a variety of materials and styles too, and they vary from outdoor dining armchairs, like the Chesapeake Dining Chair, to Polypropylene stackable chairs, like this stackable Armchair from Driade. If you are looking for extra comfort with your dining chairs, you might like to look at those that have cushions, or that are made from Texteline, which is a flexible material.

Sun chairs and loungers
If you want to lay back and relax in the sun, then a sun lounger might need to be on your outdoor furniture shopping list. This brilliantly designed teak sun lounger from Barlow Tyrie has wheels on the back, so you can easily follow the sun as it moves around your garden. Or, if you wanted something a little different from teak, you could look at something like the stylish, and extremely comfortable, Manutti Zendo Plus Lounger.

Whatever your seating choice and the purpose of your outdoor area is, a parasol will make a great addition to the ensemble. Some garden umbrellas are big enough to shelter several people, like the Manutti Rectangular Central Pole Garden Umbrella, while others are just the right size to pair with a single sun lounger, like this adjustable Napoli Parasol from Barlow Tyrie. One little tip on using parasols; always use them with a sturdy base, even when they have been passed through the opening in a table.

These are just a few of the many options that you have in outdoor garden furniture and we haven’t even mentioned the outdoor showers, footstools, side tables and many more of the options that you have available. Take a look through our full range of garden furniture and accessories and we are confident that you will find some ideas for your outdoor furniture. If you would like any help or advices on garden furniture, please feel free to call us on +44(0)1423 701701, or come and visit us and our showrooms in Harrogate.