Rug Buying Guide


Rugs are great for adding colour and interest to a room and they have their practical uses too. They can provide comfort for your feet on a hard floor, they can help prevent wear on carpets in a high traffic area of a room, and they can also be used very effectively to divide up a large room and make it feel more homely. The other great thing about rugs is that they can be easily moved, so you can transform the look of a room very quickly. To help you choose the perfect rug for your space, here are some of the things that you might like to consider and an explanation of some of the terms that are used to describe the various types of rugs.


Understanding the terminology

When you begin browsing through the wide selection of rugs that are available you will come across terms such as hand tufted and hand knotted. Terms like these refer to the method of manufacture. Hand knotted rugs are made in the traditional way by hand knotting each individual thread into the warp, which are the threads on the base the rug. On a hand tufted rug, the threads are punched through a canvas and then a backing is glued on to hold the threads in place. Generally, hand knotted rugs are more expensive than hand tufted, because the process is very labour intensive. A hand knotted rug will usually last a lot longer than a hand tufted rug.


Deciding on the purpose of a rug

Rugs are amazingly versatile and they can be used purely for decorative purposes or they may have a more practical use. If you have a hardwood floor, for example, a rug would protect it from scratching, make the room feel cosier, and it will reduce the noise of footsteps. Similarly, rugs can be used to prevent wear and tear on carpets in areas of high traffic, such as hallways and landings. Rugs can also be very useful for defining areas in a large room. A rug placed under a sofa and a coffee table would distinguish that area of the room from the rest of the room.


Choosing the size of your rug

Most people want a rug to create a focal point, so there are few things to bear in mind when thinking about the size of your rug. If a rug is too big, it will more like a carpet and, if it is too small, it will fail to make any impact. If the rug is to be situated under a dining table, you should also make sure that the rug is large enough to fit underneath the chairs when they are pulled out. The positioning of furniture on a rug can also make a difference to the feel of a room. If you place furniture half on and half off a rug, it will create an informal feel. If furniture is placed centrally a rug, it will look a lot more formal.


Selecting the style of rug

Once you have decided on the placement of your rug, you can start to think about the colours and patterns that you would like. The design that you choose is a matter of personal preference, but, as a general rule, if the rest of the décor in a room is quite elaborate, a plain rug will create more of a contrast while a patterned rug will probably look more effective against a plain background. The styles of rugs that are available vary from plain rugs like this grey rug from the Kymo collection, to more colourful and elaborate designs, like the Driade Ricardo Reis Carpet or the Driade Birds Carpet.  You have a wide range of choices when it comes to the colour of your rug too. If you choose a brightly coloured rug with a bold pattern, such as the Eichholtz Stella Rug, it will become a focal point of the room. On the other hand, you could choose a plain rug, like the Eichholtz Warner Rug in a colour that will match the colour of other accessories in the room.


Rugs provide you with a wonderful way to personalise a living space. They can add colour, create a focal point, and they can be very practical too. As well as using rugs in the home, there are rugs that are designed for outdoor use, like the Fatboy Picnic Or Beach Lounge Rug, so you can picnic in style, or dress up an outdoor dining area. We hope that you have this buying guide for rugs useful. If you would like any further advice on choosing your rug, please do not hesitate to contact us by telephone, by email, or come and visit us at our showrooms in Harrogate.